I will let you in on more information later. This tab will be where that information is posted.

==Feb 18==

I will make some local shirts that are cheaper but the above link will get you a shirt drop shipped to your home, with payment achieved over the internet.

The cheapo shirt is 8.99 (front only) and the two -sided shirt is like $15.00. Plus they charge you $5.00 shipping.

Remember, I am making ZERO profit from these cafepress shirts, so this solution is only a good idea if you really want a shirt to commemorate and advertise this event. The money you spend on a tee could maybe better go to charity ; )

==Feb 3 ==

At this point, I believe the shirts will be available prior to the Easter on Parade (Monument Avenue) event April 8. The idea is for the tee shirt to have the website URL (Richmond1977.com) and something intriguing enough for people to want to check out the site.

If you are interested in being an official distribution point for the tee shirts, please contact me at sceneonerichmond @ gmail. com

I have thought about chalkings and other schwag to go along with the tee shirt, but I am hoping that this will just happen on its own.