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The Concept

It all starts with concept...

In Ten words or less: "30-day Richmond Charity Pledge Birthday Festival Website Tee Shirt"

I think it makes more sense if I spell it out logically, line by line.

Premise 1: I am turning 30 in May... people who turn 30 often do something drastic on their 30th birthday

Premise 2: doing drastic things doesn't need to be negative... I can do something drastically positive on my 30th birthday... like get people to donate to good causes. It is right to help out the little guy.

Premise 3:  tee shirts are awesome. Richmond is awesome. Raising awareness of Richmond charities by putting them on tee shirts is awesome

Premise 4:  Viral Marketing sucks but it works... and advertising for a good cause doesn't suck . Getting massloads of people to wear a tee shirt around Richmond for 30 days to advertise a website that advertises charities may be hard to understand, but it also does not suck.

I think the conclusion follows...  A 30-day Richmond Charity Pledge Birthday Festival Website Tee Shirt

Coming to a capital city near you in May of 2007!!!


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